Name Lisanne - Meaning of the Name

Name Lisanne - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

The name Lisanne results from the combination of Lise and Anne. In the Hebrew language, these two names mean respectively "God is my oath" and "grace".


Actress and American producer Lisanne Falk.
Lisanne Zoutendijk is a Dutch amazon world famous in the field of horse training.
Violinist Lisanne Tremblay is known for her rhythmic and melodious compositions.
Lisanne Renner co-authored the book Partners in Prosperity: The Economic Benefits of Historic with Bridget Hartman.

His character :

Lisanne is a being who combines wonderfully softness and authority. A loving and generous nature, this Mother Theresa of modern times will do her best to help others. The reverse of the medallion is its tyrannical side that irritates his colleagues. Although she feels guilty, she does not hesitate to start again as soon as the opportunity arises! Nevertheless, his altruism largely offsets this unflattering trait of his personality.

Enthusiastic, dedicated and charismatic, Lisanne has all the qualities to become a ruthless businesswoman. Her rigor and determination will lead her to the pinnacle of her professional career.

In love, Lisanne shows little interest in exclusive, long-term relationships. This adventurer can not flourish in the routine and commitment of marriage. Her life is a perpetual journey that she would like to enjoy as much as possible. Yet, the day a man succeeds in taming this fiery soul, she will become a devoted wife and mother.


Lisa-Marie, Lise-Marie, Lisa, Anne, Anne-Lisa, Anne-Lisa and Anna-Lisa.

His party :

Lisanne is honored on January 26 and November 17.

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