Lélia Meaning - Origin and Names

Lélia Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Hebrews, Latins

Meaning of the name:

The name "Lélia" is a variant of "Clélia". Inspired by the Latin root "clavis", its meaning is "key" or "closure".
Derived from the Greek word "kleistos", the first name "Lélia" means "closed".
In Hebrew culture, the name "Lélia" means "Yahweh is God".


Pianist-concertist and French pedagogue Lélia Gousseau, Canadian poet-critic-novelist Lélia Young ...
St. Clelia was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1847. Early on, she became involved in the education of children, under the supervision of her pastor. In 1868 she played a key role in founding the congregation of religious teachers working for poor children. Clélia died on July 13, 1870, at the age of 23, and will be canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1989.

His character :

Latifia is naturally calm and wants to keep a certain balance in her life. She is astonished by her unshakable Zen attitude. She knows how to manage her emotions on all occasions, both in happiness and in bad passes. Her thoughtful, calm and objective nature makes her a perfect confidante. Impartial, she shows a frankness sometimes disconcerting. However, his words are always supported by solid arguments. A moral woman, she does not appreciate hypocrisy and does not hesitate to inculcate her values ​​to her family.
In addition, Lélia gives a lot of importance to the family circle. She is ready to do anything to make the happiness of her relatives, even neglecting his. Generous, it embodies a solid shoulder on which to rely in moments of weakness. Lélia does not expect much in return if it is small marks of affection.


Lelie, Leyla, Leila, Lelio, Lelya ...

His party :

The people named "Lélia" are in the spotlight of July 13th.

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