Name Léone - Meaning and origin

Name Léone - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Inspired by the name Leonis, Leone is built with the etymon "leo" designating the "lion".


The choreographer Léone Mail and the author Léone Veron.

Saint Leo I the Great was a pope of the fifth century.

His character :

Easygoing, independent and communicative, Leone is a woman full of life. She shows great interest in meetings and exchanges, which also enrich her personality. She easily integrates a group and even manages to become the most influential member. By her presence and confidence in her, Leone succeeded in convincing others to rally her cause. With great power of seduction, she does not need to make great efforts to make friends. Her sociability allows her to attract the people they want at the moment she decides. Leone is a great adventurer who participates in many projects allowing her to travel.

At work, Leone is determined, active and efficient. Her curiosity opens doors for her, as she is cultivated and has solid knowledge in many fields. It is so versatile and is appreciated at its fair value. Stimulated by the challenges, it will stop at nothing, especially when it comes to major projects. Leone competes for ideas to stand out and achieve its goals. Possessing both a great team spirit and unparalleled independence in the professional world, Léone is dedicated to a promising career.

On the sentimental level, she is demanding. She is attracted to men with a virile appearance, sure of themselves and conquerors. Although she seems to like frolic, Léone seeks to stabilize herself and to found a family. His man will be at the same time his lover, his alter ego and his accomplice.


Lee, Leonila, Lionel, Lenny, Leon, Leontin, Léonie, Léonne, Lionello, Leao, Leonias, Leonid and Lev.

His party :

The Léones are celebrated on November 10th.

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