Loéva pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Loéva pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Few celebrities bear the name Loéva, except the designer Loeva Kaïga or the actress Loeva Cherbonnel.
Variant of "Sève", the name "Loéva" originates from the Latin "Suevi" or "Suevi". This is the name of a Germanic tribe.


Holy Seve is the daughter of Hoel I, king of Domnonée. She built an abbey for her sister Sainte Lunaire near Morlaix, in the current village of Sainte-Sève. She is the patron saint of the parishes of Sainte-Sève and Langoat. His relics are carefully preserved in St. Elihouhan Chapel on Loaven Island.

His character :

Sentimental in nature, Loéva leads her life like a novelist. She tends to live in the imagination. Most of the time, it will seem lazy, soft and totally detached from reality. But this is only a facade. In truth, Loéva is an intellectual. Curious, she spends her time thinking, trying to discover the secrets of the universe. Young, she will stand out by its capacity of assimilation and its spirit of synthesis. She will always be among the majors of the class.
Methodical and fond of organization, Loéva is an efficient worker. Side heart, she tends to put on a pedestal his prince charming. Very selective, she will surely not fall in love with the first comer. He needs a brave man, handsome and considerate. Once she has the right in his line of sight, she will not hesitate to use its charm to seduce him.



His party :

The people named "Loéva" are honored on July 23rd.

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