Name Malone - Meaning and origin

Name Malone - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Inspired by an Irish surname, Malone can be translated as "descendant of the servant of Saint John".


No celebrity so named, your little boy maybe?

It's the name of one of Renaud's children.

Saint Malo d'Aleth, a native of Wales, was a bishop of Brittany in the seventh century. He died in Saintonge where he took refuge after having been crowned bishop.

His character :

Disciplined, orderly and hard-working, Malone is also distinguished by her keen intelligence. Small, Malone demonstrates a creative and imaginative spirit. He is full of imagination and needs to express his sensitivity. His parents must supervise him as soon as possible in order to develop his sense of order and organization. Studious, he is interested in mathematics, science, but also art and literature. Over the years, he will reveal his true passions and find his way alone.


Malon, Maclou, Malo, Malonn, Malvin, Melvin, Mahou and Mahlon.

His party :

Malone is honored on November 15th.

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