Name Hélory - Meaning and origin

Name Hélory - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the name Haelguri, Helory comes from the Breton terms "hael" and "uuobri" meaning respectively "generous" and "wise".


Yves Helory de Kermantin or Saint Yves was a priest who devoted his life to justice and the poor. Thus, besides its title of patron saint of Brittany, it is also that of the professions of justice and law, like the profession of lawyer. In 1347, Pope Clement VI proceeded to his beatification.

His character :

A strong personality, Hélory loves change, this independent person enjoys freedom and is reluctant to commitments and constraints. However, he has incredible adaptability. On the other hand, his adventurous spirit drives him to take risks. Lively and impulsive, Helory appreciates that everything goes fast. This person overflowing with energy hates indeed the monotony and the routine. Intelligent and determined, he gives himself completely in everything he undertakes.



His party :

People with the first name Hélory are honored on May 19th.

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