Name Hoel - Meaning of origin

Name Hoel - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Hoel comes from the word huel which refers to "high" and "eminent". This name is also composed of the words ho and wel meaning respectively "easy" and "to see". Hoel then takes on the meaning of "remarkable".


Hoel Queffelec is a researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the National University of Australia.
In Welsh tales, Hoel was the nephew of King Arthur. He would have become King of Brittany following the death of his father.
Hoel is also the name of an undisputed king in the legend of Tristan and Isolde. According to oral traditions, he is the father of Isolde.
Three kings of Brittany bore the name Hoel.
When his wife was accused of adultery, Saint Hoel would have thrown him into the sea in a barrel. She would have given birth to their son. Worried by remorse, he went out of his way to find them and lived with them in Ireland.

His character :

Hoel reveals his soul as a chef from an early age. Dirty and enterprising, he has all the necessary qualities to become a good leader. In the face of failures, he can be aggressive. Still, Hoel is a loving man who has the affection to spare. With his intelligence and determination, Hoel will do wonders in the business world.
In love, Hoel behaves like a passionate and impulsive man. Acting on a whim, he rarely takes the time to measure the scope of his actions and words. Often, this attitude is at the source of a rupture that he will regret immediately.


There is no masculine derivative of the name Hoel.

His party :

Hoel is honored on December 16th.

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