Name Oleg - Meaning and origin

Name Oleg - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic

Meaning of the name:

The first name Oleg comes from the German heil which means "luck, happiness". It is a derivative of Olga.


Ukrainian wrestler Oleg Alexandrovich Prudius, Russian figure skater Oleg Kimovich Vassiliev, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Valerievich Kotov and Russian footballer Oleg Aleksandrovich Shatov.

St. Olga (890-969), wife, then widow of Prince Igor, was a very pious regent who raised his son Svyatoslav and his people as good Christians.

His character :

Optimistic, Oleg is full of vitality and shares his good mood with his family. He has a great sense of organization and shows himself from a young age methodical and organized to achieve what is undertaken. Energetic, he puts all his strength and heart into what he does. It usually stops only when it is satisfied with the result. Oleg takes full advantage of his life. He sees life as a big playground full of obstacles that must be faced. Ambitious, he is used to setting goals that are hard to reach. Thanks to his perseverance, he still manages to reach his goal.


There are no known derivatives of the first name Oleg.

His party :

The Oleg are celebrated on July 11th.

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