Herod Name - Meaning and Origin

Herod Name - Meaning and Origin

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The name Herod is associated with the great king Judea contemporary 37 before J-C. Many historical monuments he has built are still visible today.


Herod I the Great, King of Judea from 37 before J-C until his death in 4 before J-C. Born in 73 BC, his accession to the throne came from the fact that he was the son of Antipater.

Herod Archelaus is the eldest son of Herod the Great who ruled the kingdom of Judea from 4 BC until 6 AD.

Herod Antipas is a son of Herod the Great. He is known to be at the origin of the construction of the city of Tiberias on Galilee Lake.

Herod Atticus is a Greek rhetorician known for his many public patronage actions. He was born in 101 in Marathon and died in 177.

Herod Agrippa or Agrippa I is a Herodian prince, but especially the last Jewish king of the kingdom of Judea. This grandson of Herod the Great was born around 10 BC and died in '44.

His character :

Herod is full of vitality and energy. This great charmer is also fond of discoveries and adventures. It is common to see this person taking risks regularly. An extroverted personality, Herod has a special talent for negotiation and contact with others. This faculty comes mainly from its speed of adaptation and its natural ease. His tastes for taking risks and conquering the unknown are a source of delight for him. Nevertheless, Herod remains a tender and vulnerable person.


Erode, Herodes, Herodias, Herodotus, Herodian, and Herodias.

His party :

Herod is celebrated on December 28 in memory of the Holy Innocents.

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