Name Humphrey - Meaning of thumbs

Name Humphrey - Meaning of thumbs

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According to its etymological roots, Humphrey is an anglicization of the ancient names of baptism (Onfroy, Onfray, Onfroi, etc.) of Norman lords of yore. It is found especially at the time of the conquest of England.


Humphrey, French R & B artist from Congo, Humphrey Davy, British physicist and chemist (1778-1829), inventor of the wire safety lamp that now bears his name "Davy lamp", Humphrey Gilbert, explorer English and pioneer of British colonization who officiated during the reign of Elibaseth 1st, Humphrey Bogart, English actor considered one of the most indisputable myths in the history of cinema, Humphrey Jennings, documentary filmmaker, photographer and painter British, Humphrey Lyttelton, English trumpet player and clarinettist, Humphrey Rudge, Dutch professional footballer.

Saint Humphroy was bishop of Therouanne, the first bishop to have given great importance to the feast of the Assumption dedicated to the Virgin Mary. He died in 871.

His character :

Humphrey is committed to peace and tranquility. His reserved temperament reflects a state of mind that allows him to live in harmony with those around him. He loves the rhythms of quiet life without pressure. To achieve this, he often opts for a simple and uncomplicated routine. By nature, Humphrey places a lot of importance on the emotional and sentimental aspects of his life in order to flourish. Thus, his major decisions are taken by heart and on the basis of a certain preference. Humphrey is also generous and sensitive. He is always available to listen or help his loved ones when needed. On this point, his great will sometimes leads him to be demanding, even perfectionist in all that he undertakes.


Humfrey, Humfroy, Onfroy and Hunfrid.

His party :

The date of March 8 is dedicated to celebrate the name Humphrey.

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