Name Ichem - Meaning and origin

Name Ichem - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Ichem is a derivative of Hichem, Hicham or Hisham. In Arab culture, it is a symbol of generosity. Etymologically, it means "one who is generous".


Hicham Abbas is a singer of Egyptian origin.
Hichem Yacoubi is a Tunisian actor. Hichem Rostom is another actor of Tunisian origin.
Hichem Aboud is a journalist of Algerian origin and a writer.
Hichem Belkaroui is an Algerian football player.

His character :

Ichem is an exceptional boy with a tendency to engage in extreme actions and never to do anything in half measure. With such an attitude, he can easily reach the heights of success, just as it is possible for him to fall to the bottom of the social ladder. Ichem is an extrovert who is irresistibly attracted to others. Possessing a great charisma and a powerful magnetism, he has a strong ancestry over others. This unusual person hates to follow the classical ways and prefers to trace his own way. Constantly seeking to excel, Ichem hates routine, always choosing change and adventure. Because of his extraordinary behavior, others tend to label him as a marginal, a strange and difficult to identify. Although he constantly displays his difference, Ichem loves to help others. Altruism and philanthropy are these main traits of character. However, before becoming a generous and selfless person, it is important that he ensures his safety and comfort. Once his material life is assured, he can finally devote himself to helping others.


Hisham, Hisham, Hichem, Icheme, Ychem, Hychem, and Hicheme.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the name Ichem.

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