First names: 2015 charts and trends

First names: 2015 charts and trends

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It's the "Bible" of parents looking for a name for their future baby. L'Officiel des prénoms, 2015 edition, was released on October 23rd. If you are looking for a name idea for your future baby, you may find some ideas!

  • Each year, the Official of the first names proposes to the parents in search of a name for their baby the list of the first names most attributed in France, as well as the tendencies to come. You will also find the origin, the meaning and the attribution frequencies of more than 12 000 first names.
  • For the girls, Emma is still in the lead, followed by Léa, Chloé, Lola and Inès (see the 2015 ranking). Side boys, it is Nathan and Lucas, Leo, Gabriel and Timéo which are distinguished (see the classification 2015).
  • The guide also announces the return of classic names, even retro, like Madeleine, Léonie, Marcel, Eléonore ... For the author of the book, Stéphanie Rapoport, to take back these names of the past is "a sign of innovation" for the parents of today, often looking for originality. And you, which name will you choose?
  • The Official of the first names 2015, by Stéphanie Rapoport, ed. First, 19.95 e.
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