Name Solal - Meaning of origin

Name Solal - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Hebrew Solel which means "guide".


The son of French politician Jean Sarkozy and grandson of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, Solal Sarkozy, son of actor, director, screenwriter and French singer Philippe Lellouche, Solal Lellouche, the French comedian Solal Forte and Solal, stage name of a French singer.

Disciple of St. Boniface, the priest Sol led a hermit life on the borders of Bavaria and Thuringia. After his death in 794, his hermitage quickly became the object of a pilgrimage.

His character :

Since childhood, Solal knows what he wants to do later. With a surprising curiosity, he wants to learn very early the operation of things. Solal likes to tinker and make objects with his hands. Endowed with great intellectual capacities, he likes to innovate, create and try new experiences. He loves novelty and hates monotony. Characterized by a strong taste for the challenge, Solal succeeds well in the professional world. Idealist, he wants to improve everything and is convinced to achieve it by his own means. Not easy to influence, he stands firmly on his positions and will stop at nothing when he has an idea in mind. Friendly and sociable, Solal likes to be surrounded. Generous and helpful, he is always present for his family. Conciliatory and understanding, he spends his time to reign peace and harmony around him.


Choulal, Shalal and Shallal.

His party :

The Solal are celebrated on December 4th.

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