Provencal names: cape on the sun

Provencal names: cape on the sun

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Looking for a name for your pitchoune! Why not a Provençal name? Marius, Alàri, Amiel, Fanny ... caption on 20 first names that will put sun in the life of your baby.

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Provencal names: cape on the sun (20 photos)

Provencal names: Fabian

Looking for an original name for your little boy? Here Fabian, derived from Fabien, "faba", the bean. The word "fabian" once referred to famine. Rare enough, this name is mainly used in Occitania.
His birthday: January 20th with Saint Fabien, pope and martyr in the 3rd century.

Provencal names: Marius

Holy character this name! Latin pondthe sea is also a Roman surname derived from the name of the god of war, Mars. The most famous Marius in France is Marcel Pagnol. Your little love may take over!
His party : January 19th.

Provencal names: Anaïs

Grace ... here is the Hebrew meaning of this Occitan form of Anne, Hebrew hannah, Grace. The name Anaïs made its appearance in Provence and Catalonia in the middle of the 19th century. Today, there are many more little Anais than Anne.
His party : July 26th.

Provencal names: Estefan

Greek stephanos, which means the crown, this sunny and original name is a southern derivative of Stephen. His patron saint is considered the first martyr of Christendom.
His party : December 26th.

Provencal names: Olivia

A real ray of sunshine this name! From the Latin "oliva," olive, olive. Olivia is a variation of Olive, symbol of peace, in connection with the olive branch. Admit that if it's hard to call your daughter Olive today (Thanks Popeye!), Olivia is much more fit.
His party : March 5th.

Provencal names: Alàri

Do not want to fall asleep on a boat name? Alàri is made for you, while originality! Provencal form of the name Hilaire, of the Latin "hilaris", gay. Let's say he's prettier than the original! His birthday: January 13th.

Provencal names: Massime

And here is the Provencal form of Maxime ... nice, no? Latin maximusit means "the greatest". Nice choice for your little one!
His party : April 14th.

Provencal names: Lilou

Lilou is the Provencal form of Lilia, from Latin lilium, the lily, symbol of purity in the Middle Ages. This is the name of Clovis Cornillac's wife, Lilou Fogli.
His party : July 27

Provencal names: Matias

Matias is the class! Southern form of Matthias, of the Hebrew "matityahu", which means gift of God, it is one of the multiple derivatives of Mathieu.

Provencal names: Milo

Derived from the name Milan, Milo is the southern form of Emile, from Latin aemulus, the rival. Yet he has nothing to compete with because he is much more popular!
His birthday: May 22nd.

Provencal names: Alano

Did you know Alain's Provencal form? No ... well it's done. A name full of charm for your little happiness. This beautiful name comes from the name of an Indo-European people from Scythia, the Alani, who in 407 invaded Germany and Gaul.
His party : September 9th.

Provencal names: Antoni

Too cute, Antoni! Provencal form of Antoine, it can have two origins, therefore two meanings: from Latin antonius, "priceless", or from Greek anthos wanting to say "flower". For the anecdote, the Great Saint Anthony is the boat that brought the plague to Marseille in 1720. But do not see any bad omen because this name is really core.
His party : June 13th.

Provencal names: Aubin

Dérivé d'Alban, Aubin is a name that ranks in Provence. It comes from Latin albus, " White ".
His birthday:1st of March.

Provencal names: Caesar

Of course, we think of Caesar the Emperor, but also the César of Marcel Pagnol and Raimu in the role of the boss of the Bar de la Marine! Caesar comes from Latin caesariatus which means "hairy", or Caesare, "cut", which is related to cesarean section. It's up to you to choose the one you like!
His party : April 15th.

Provencal names: Madalena

Provencal form of Madeleine, Madalena smells good the sun ... He comes from 'Hebrew Magdala, name of a village of Palestine. It is also found in Portugal.
His party : July 22nd.

Provencal names: Fanny

Fanny is not the diminutive of Stephanie, but that of Françoise, from Latin francus : "free man". And he does not come from Provence, although Pagnol did everything to make us believe ... but Franche-Comté. But hey, in the collective memory, it's still Provence that wins ...
His birthday: March 9th.

Provencal names: Amiel

Hebrew ami'elwhich means god of my people, here is a name full of sweetness, Provencal form of Emile. It is rare ... and yet full of charm, no?
His birthday: May 22nd.

Provencal names: Alaïs

Adelaide Provence version! Germanic adal, "noble", and heit, "rank, lineage", Adelaide has long been reserved for the princesses of continental Europe. Alais, him, will go like a glove to your little princess.
His party : December 16th.

Provencal names: Naïs

What a sweet name that inspired Marcel Pagnol for one of his films! Diminutive Anaïs, itself Occitan form of Anne, the Hebrew "hannah", grace. Anaïs appeared in Provence and Catalonia in the middle of the 19th century. It can also be given to a little boy. Does it tempt you?
His party : July 26th.

Provencal names: Gaspard

In Provence, it's a well-liked name because it refers to the King Mage. This name with retro charm comes from the Sanskrit "gathaspa", designating the one who comes to see ... happy name for the one who came to see the baby Jesus and offered him the incense.
His birthday: the day of Epiphany on January 6th or December 28th.

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