First names: all schuss on the mountain

First names: all schuss on the mountain

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They evoke the snow, the mountain or even the great north ... here is a selection of ideal names for babies born (or conceived) in the heart of winter!

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First names: all schuss on the mountain (20 photos)


It's a name all white and sweet for your little snow queen! Very rare, Snow is old and means "innocence". He had a peak in 2008 ... put it back on the agenda.


By giving the North name to their baby daughter in 2013, Kim Kadarshian and Kanye West caused a storm (no snow)! This name meaning "north" in English would have been given by the couple because it evokes the supreme power ... since we got used, right?


First name Celtic origin, Brent means "the one who lives the mountain". It is also the diminutive of Brenton in English or Brendon in Irish. His birthday: May 16th.


Heidi in the mountains ... a beautiful story of Johanna Spyriqui rocked our childhood. From the germain heit"rank, lineage" is the diminutive of Adelheid, German version of Adelaide. His birthday: December 16th.


Retro fan? Opt for this name of a very old boy and very rare, of Greek origin, which means "mountainous". To celebrate July 9th.


Neve is the snow in Italian and it's also a name idea for your baby. No party date known, it's up to you!


Latin montanus, "the mountain", Montaine is a name of Canadian origin. Rara, you might like it. His birthday on November 14th.


Sinai is a desert peninsula in Egypt, famous for its Mount. In the Bible, this is the place where Moses would have received the Ten Commandments. Sinai means "thorny" in Hebrew and gives as well to girls as to boy. An original idea.


La Meije is a mountain in the Ecrins massif in the Alps. It's also a girl's name. It comes from the word provencal meidjo, meaning "noon", ie the South.


Belle and Sebastien, of course! A name that evokes the mountain and its shepherds. Greek sebastos, "revered", it is celebrated on January 20th.


The joran is the name of an often violent wind blowing on the mountains of Jura and on Lake Geneva. Greek Gheorghios, "worker of the land", it is also a name of boy who is celebrated on April 23rd.


In Spanish, sierra means "the mountain chain sawtooth". Like Sierra Nevada. An idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal name for little girl. No date of celebration known, why not April 27, national holiday in Sierra Leone?


This is the name of the hero of the montagnard novels of Frison-Roche! Typically Savoyard, this is the version of our Jean in patois. It's also an Arabic name, which means beautiful and elegant. Charming, no?


Mixed name, Yuki means "snow" in Japanese. Not to be confused with Richard Gotainer's Youki!


Germanic blanke, which means "white, bright shining" like snow, Bianca is the Italian version of Blanche. His birthday: October 3rd.


Mixed name, Olwen means "white trace" in Celtic, what to evoke the traces in the powder. It's a name that we meet especially in Brittany. No feast date known. Invent yours!


Latin clarus, "white" ... like snow, Chiara is an Italian derivative of Claire. His birthday: October 29th or August 11th. You can also opt for Clara or Clarine derivatives.


Snow storm ... that's the meaning of this beautiful Japanese female name. It is found especially in the novel Amelie Nothomb Stupor and tremor. Other names of Japanese winter: Fuyu which means winter, Fuyuka (beautiful winter) or Fuyuko (child of the winter). Does it tempt you?


In ancient Rome, the Latin word "candidus" was used to describe the brilliant whiteness of the snow. This immaculate name is derived from Candace, an ancient Ethiopian dynastic title referring to the king's mother. His party ? The 3rd of October. Also think about derivatives: Candace, Candie or Candy.


White and bright - like snow - that's the meaning of this beautiful Arabic name for girls. It was the nickname of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. Since he has no feast date, think of Saint Blanche on October 3rd.