Sylvester Meaning - Origin and Names

Sylvester Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Latin silvestris, Sylvester means "own to forests".


American actor-director-producer Sylvester Stallone, British actor Sylvester McCoy, Nigerian athlete Sylvester Omodiale, Zimbabwean politician Sylvester Nguni, German actor Sylvester Groth, Hungarian composer of film Sylvester Levay, the contemporary German painter Sylvester Engbrox, the hornettist and American jazz trumpet player Sylvester Ahola (deceased in 1995), the American physicist Sylvester James Gates ...

Sylvester I was pope from 314 to 335. Following the edict of Milan, ending the persecutions, he lived a peaceful pontificate. The freedom of worship for Christians was granted by Emperor Constantine. However, Sylvestre was forced to live in the shadow of it. Constantine himself undertook to convoke synods and councils. Sylvestre died on December 31, 335.

His character :

Sylvester is a great talker and, with him, there is no room for boredom. Not only are her discussions entertaining and rewarding, but her cheerfulness is contagious. Born speaker, he shows a singular eloquence, sprinkled with a dose of humor. He is always welcoming and communicative, which attracts the sympathy of those around him. Dynamic and enthusiastic, Sylvester leads a hectic daily life. Hyperactive, it does not hold up. He loves to travel and try new experiences. Intrepid, he has a taste for risk. This knight will stop at nothing. Do not even try to distract him from his goals.



His party :

People named Sylvester are honored on December 31st.

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