Name Tanya - Meaning and origin

Name Tanya - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Latin, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Tanya is a feminine given name of Latin origin.
Tanya is a diminutive of the name Tatiana which comes from Tatius, name of a king of the Sabines, people of the center of Italy in the 8th century BC.


No Tanya celebrates to this day, but perhaps your little wonder will be?

His character :

Tanya is distinguished by her keen sense of communication. Her developed sociability pushes her to easily weave links with others. She has a certain penchant for the shy and helps them out of their shell. Protective and exclusive to her loved ones, Tanya loves spending time with them. Smiling and sincere, Tanya is the joy of living embodied. She infuses a festive atmosphere wherever she goes.

She excels in the art of attracting attention. She takes great pleasure in seeing all eyes on her and knows how to hold a captivating speech. Talking with her is like a pure moment of pleasure. With it, the most innocuous of the themes becomes the most interesting of the subjects. People want to know her better to unlock the secret of her legendary good mood. Gifted with a keen intelligence, Tanya does not miss any opportunity to make new discoveries.


Tania, Taniah and Tanyah are all variations of Tanya.

His party :

Tanya is celebrating the 12th of January.

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