In Terrence - Meaning and Origin

In Terrence - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Terrence is a name derived from that of Terensis, Roman goddess of the harvest. Terensis also refers to the meaning of "tender" and "gracious".


American actors Terrence Howard, Terrence Horace Evans and Terrence Alan Crews. American DJ Terrence Parker and American basketball players Terrence Ross and Terrence Romeo.

Saint Terence was a martyr of the third century. He died with his companions in Carthage in 250 AD.

His character :

Terrence is an extrovert who communicates easily with others. Radiant and cheerful, he shares his good mood with those around him. In society, it is a faithful friend capable of dedication, even self-sacrifice, to help his loved ones. As a family, Terrence is known for its generosity, kindness and family spirit. Small, Terrence is rather homebody, thoughtful and lonely. He is nonetheless sociable. He is just building his personality. Growing up, he gains confidence and gradually opens up to the world. Rather literary and dreamy, Terrence aspires to a fulfilling life alongside his friends, real and imaginary. He is full of imagination and will make an excellent man of letters. It will flourish in professions related to art, literature, cinema or sport.


Terence, Terenti, Terentius, Terenziano, Terenzio, Terry and Terentille.

His party :

Terrence is celebrated on April 10th.

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