Name Iona - Meaning and origin

Name Iona - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Greeks, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

"Iona" is the Romanian variant of "Jeanne". First name composed of the Hebrew roots "yo" and "hanan", it means "God is merciful".
Coming from the Celtic terms "eo" and "yew", "Iona" means a color close to purple.


British violinist and conductor Iona Brown, Canadian politician Iona Campagnolo, Jamaican athlete Iona Wynter, Soviet jurist Iona Nikitchenko, Scottish rugbywoman Iona Frickleton, British folklorist Iona Opie ...
Saint Iona or Saint Adamnan is a key figure in the history of Christendom in the British Isles. He played a key role in the Easter Quarrel and the writing of the biography of Saint Colomba. He is also the author of the Lex Innocentium or Cain Adamnain for women, children and church people.

His character :

Hyperactive by nature, Iona lives at one hundred per hour. She attacks her days with enthusiasm and optimism. Good living, his cheerfulness is contagious. Even if at first sight she seems instantaneous and impulsive, Iona is a thoughtful woman. Far from it the idea of ​​headlong into unknown destinations. He needs a minimum of time to think and establish a good strategy to guarantee his success. Besides, Iona can not stand being jostled or pressured. It needs a certain independence to be able to reveal its real capacities.


Yona, Yonah, Yonna, Ionna, Yoni, Yon, Ion, Ioni, Yones, Yonn ...

His party :

The people named "Iona" are honored on September 23rd.

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