Protect your belly, a good reflex!

Protect your belly, a good reflex!

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Blow on your belly by your eldest, shock, fall ... Pregnant, no way to take unnecessary risks! Our specialists give you in detail the good arguments and the practical gestures to protect your belly and to watch over its small tenant.

Your belly: a shelter for your baby

  • At first glance, your future baby seems well protected inside you, having a triple protection against possible external aggressions. A first barrier of muscles: your abdominal wall. A second muscular bulge: the wall of the uterus. Finally the amniotic fluid in which it is bathed: an aquatic mattress that can absorb shocks.
  • "Unless there is a violent stroke, it is extremely rare for a fetus to be directly affected, to suffer from a bone fracture, a wound or the injury of an organ. Ludovic Cravello, a gynecologist-obstetrician at the Conception Hospital in Marseille, but that does not mean that there will be no boring consequences for pregnancy, even in the case of a violent stroke. "

Pregnant: watch out for beating!

  • You've been warned ... Getting kicked by your elder with whom you chahutiez, being hit by a shopping cart at the supermarket, stumbling and falling heavily on the ground, banging against a door is never harmless for a future mother.
  • It becomes less and less as the pregnancy progresses! In the first trimester, the uterus is still small, positioned low, at the pelvic bones and protected by them. In case of abdominal shock, it is not he who is in the front line, but other organs such as intestines, spleen, etc. He will not be traumatized. But in the second and third trimesters, the uterus grows, taking all the place in the belly and pushing the other organs back: it is very exposed. A collision, a collision and it is he who "takes" everything!

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