Culinary preparer: which one to choose?

Culinary preparer: which one to choose?

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The "homemade" is on the rise. You decided to buy a cooker or a small robot to cook good food for your baby? If you are not sure which model to choose, trust our selection.

Culinary preparer: which one to choose? (7 photos)

Robot of Chicco De'longhi

This multifunctional cooker cooker allows thanks to its three modes of cooking, to discover to your baby food and various flavors.
Its +: it is used for the meals of the whole family.
Its price: 299 €.
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Petit Gourmet Terraillon Style

This culinary preparer has 3 completely independent bowls to cook, mix, heat and prepare sweet / salty at the same time.
Its price: 129,99 € approx.
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Babycook of Beaba

It steams, mixes, defrosts and warms up in just 15 minutes. With four functions, this robot is popular with moms. Its design look is also for something! It is easy to clean thanks to its spatula.
Its +: it has plenty of accessories, including rice-cooker for cooking starchy foods. What a good invention!
Its price: 110,90 €.
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Philips Avent Robot

Once you've steamed your vegetables - just wait for the auto-off indicator - turn the bowl upside down to mix, without the risk of getting burned. And after, in the dishwasher!
Its +: the bowl is polyethersulfone (PES), a material without bisphenol A.
Its price: 120 €.
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Baby Chef of Moulinex

This low-cost robot chops meat or ham and mixes vegetables and fruit for delicious soups, purées and compotes. We love its beautiful red.
Its +: its 3 glass baby-pots will allow you to preserve your preparations.
Its price: 49,99 €.
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Nutribaby Babymoov Mixer

With a very large capacity, it defrosts, mixes and steamed. It also allows to heat bib's and small pots and sterilizes 3 bottles.
Its price: 119.99 € approx.
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Babycook Duo of Béaba

The famous steamer that mixes, reheats and thaw now exists with two separate bowls. To cook on one side while mixing on the other, or even to cook a salted dish and a compote at the same time.
Its +: its opening / closing system Easyclip.
Its price: 169,90 €.
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