What if he swallows a foreign body?

What if he swallows a foreign body?

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Pearl, medicine, battery ... If your child swallows a foreign body, do not panic and follow these tips.

What if he swallows a foreign body? (3 photos)

Mofenson Maneuver

In infants up to 1 year, you can perform Mofenson's maneuver. Place the baby, face down on your knees and do not hesitate to tap firmly between his shoulder blades.

Heimlich Maneuver

Another maneuver called Heimlich. Standing or sitting, position yourself behind the child. Enlace it at the level of the thorax. Put a fist in his stomach and then your other hand over it. Press briefly, very hard, bringing your fists up.

Good gestures

For the youngest child, apply pressure with your fingertips.