Which Advent Calendar to choose?

Which Advent Calendar to choose?

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Christmas soon ... But no way to wait for Santa without an Advent calendar. Here are our favorites in 2019 to keep your elves waiting in a good mood!

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Which Advent Calendar to choose? (20 photos)

Belledone Advent Calendar

Fun and informative, this adventurous adventures calendar in the shape of a small book allows you to discover every day a milk chocolate figurine and a little anecdote about Santa: 9,95 €. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Minnie Mouse Accessories

Advent calendar Minnie Mouse accessories Everyday, pretty surprises, stationery of all kinds: eraser, mini-puzzle, loc notes, sharpeners ... 13,95 €. Where to find it?

Advent calendar Aquabeds

Playful and creative, this calendar allows you to create amazing creations thanks to these pearls that come together with water. The principle is simple: we assemble pearls, we spray water, let it dry and it's ready! The pearls stick together like magic: 21,89 €. Where to find it?

Disney Frozen Calendar 2

Sure that this calendar of Advent will be a hit this year! Totally frosted, it includes two mini dolls and a selection of accessories to replay the scenes of the film: 38 €. Where to find it?

Advent calendar Licorne Beauty Roth

For unicorn fans, this calendar includes 24 small, jewelry accessories and care products. Magical! $ 30.15. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Lego Friends

After Star Wars last year, there are their friends Lego Friends that will find the little players. They will be passionate about each of these new constructions on the theme of Christmas and small gifts perfect to be exposed in the room or hanging from the tree: € 26.65. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Funko Pop Harry Potter Pocket

Too magic this calendar of the famous wizard! 25 surprises (figurines) to collect ... even on Christmas day: 54,99 €. Where to find it?

Advent calendar Playmobil Road to the cup

This year, Playmobil puts ice hockey in the spotlight with this advent calendar! 24 surprise items for each day before Christmas to train on the ice and score goals. but who will be the best player and get his contract with the NHL? € 75.02. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Kinder

A calendar of 343 g for gourmands with assorted candies: 13 € approximately. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Mazet

Illustrated by Marina Vandel, this very nice calendar hides treasures of delicacies and puts stars in the eyes with its winter decor where 25 different animals have fun: 22,40 €. Where to find it?

Sambro Advent Calendar

Too cool this calendar for boys and girls from 3 years! It contains 24 small erasers characters Disney Disney, Minnie, Mickey, Olaf, Arielle, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White ... The figures with large heads can be used as an eraser or as a mini-doll to collect: 38, 69 €. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinos fans at home? Behind each of the 24 windows of this toy advent calendar are dinosaurs and accessories: € 27.82. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Milka

This cute snowman hides a variety of alpine milk chocolates behind the 24 small doors: € 24.99. Where to find it?

Neuhaus Advent Calendar

Suspended or stand up thanks to its small base, this fun design calendar contains 25 pralines and fun figurines filled with a soft praline: 28 €. Where to find it?

Solidarity calendar Secours catholique

In "advent" the generosity with this calendar intended for the greatest and illustrated by Soledad. Every day, its challenge or its small solidarity information ... an original, instructive and fun way to educate children (and adults too!) To solidarity. And if opening the windows, we open our hearts? 8 €. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Toblerone

For the first time since its creation in 1908, the famous Swiss chocolate triangle, black, white or milk, comes to take place in a retro calendar. Yum! 9,49 € in GMS.

Advent Calendar Barbie Mattel

Are we patient with Barbie? In addition to a doll, every day of December, your child will discover small accessories around 5 trades: skater, dancer, pastry chef, veterinarian and skier. To suoi to invent beautiful stories! € 44.85. Where to find it?

The calendar of advent Vulli

This year, the famous toy made in France "The magic tree Klorofil" arrives in a new declension, a very first Advent calendar, to soften the wait until Christmas. Every day, the child rot a character or accessory to have on his Christmas tree to assemble: 36.55 €. Where to find it?

Sentosphere Advent Calendar

24 olfactory surprises to relearn them to discover the scents of Christmas. The calendar is then transformed into a multigenerational game to set the mood on the day: 19,99 €. Where to find it?

Advent Calendar Tut Tut Animo Vtech

This nice calendar will delight all toddlers from 1 year already attached to small interactive animals. From the first day of the countdown, they will discover "Caramel, the reindeer of Santa Claus", a "collector" animal speaking, musical and luminous with 3 songs and 6 Christmas melodies. € 20.99. Where to find it?