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At what age put baby in a big bed?

At what age put baby in a big bed?

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"From what age can we put a baby in a big bed?" Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, a pediatrician in Paris, answers Séverine's question.

The answer of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris *

  • In the first months of life, the newborn sleeps in a bassinet or cradle. Around 4 or 5 months, when he grew up, he spent his nights in a crib, a crib with a reducer so that he does not feel too lost.
  • No need to be in a hurry to put it in a big bed! This passage, is usually between 2 and 3 years, when the child is big enough to get out of bed alone and especially if he asks for it.
  • While waiting the child will sleep in his little bed that his parents will be able to decorate of a bed bumper, to avoid that it is stuck his head or the hands in the bars. As the months go by, they will lower the bed base to the lowest possible level so that the child can not climb the fence as long as possible. Similarly, for their safety, they must consider not to leave in the bed stuffed toys that could be a fulcrum and allow climbing.
  • In some cases, this step can be advanced, especially when the child climbs the bars of his bed and may fall, even if his parents have taken all precautions, even that of putting a mattress on the ground to limit the risks associated with a possible fall. It will then pass in a large bed with a small railing and provide a mattress on the ground to cushion any falls in the night.

* Author of My child from birth to kindergarten (Albin Michel ed.)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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