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What color for his child's room?

What color for his child's room?

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In terms of color, we hear everything and its opposite, especially about its influence on the character. "Certainly, answers Jean-Michel Correia, teacher color, it plays on our perception of the world and our balance, but there is no good or bad color, all is question of light!"

Game of light

  • Above all, remember this rule: the plane that takes the light - observe where the sun comes from - takes on color. In other words, if you want to color your child's room, choose a single piece of wall - the one that reflects the light the most - and leave the rest of the room blank. Anyway, the white impregnates the local color (with yellow next, it will look ecru) or depending on the different times of the day (with orange, the room will look golden or red depending on the brightness).

Indispensable, the color chart

  • Ask a color chart in a hardware store to choose, with your child, the colors that you like and see how they behave at different times of the day, depending on the light (again!), The space, the color soil, etc. For this experiment to be effective, tap on the "wall of light" several squares of these chosen colors and observe them at different times of the day: do they keep their intensity? Does the room appear large or compressed (a red wall with a dark floor, for example) ...

"Too much color kills the color"

  • Color has an influence on your child. "As in this blue room, from the floor to the ceiling, remembers Jean-Michel Correia, in which the little boy seemed ... green, sick!" You can also paint the ceiling of color which, contrary to what one thinks, does not not reduce the room. For the office area, opt for gray, the color of appeasement.

Safia Amor

Jean-Michel Correia is an associate professor at the Camondo School, a color and space teacher at the National School of Nature and Landscape and director of the Carrousel workshops in Paris.