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What activities are offered in nursery?

What activities are offered in nursery?

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Are the activities offered in crèches for toddlers very different from those offered by parents? Isabelle Lossouarn, early childhood educator, answers in video.

Are the activities offered in nursery very different from those offered by parents?

  • The activities offered in nursery, I think they are not very different from what parents offer because the activities in nursery still meet the needs and desires of children.
  • So indeed, a child at home, he likes to tell him a story, he likes to do with his parents a game more motor or embedding.
  • I think that at the nursery, on the other hand, there is much more material and things to handle, it is much more diversified so the child will have a lot of solicitations at the level of experiments, at the level of colors, etc.
  • So the child has more choices and possibilities on structures, on nurseries. He can no longer go to what he wants and needs. And still, there is the look of the educator who is there and who can accompany him in his experiments.
  • At home often, we play with the child to play. The educator is there to accompany, not to leave in check and always to resume with the child so that it finally arrives by itself to do.
  • Often at home, when we play with the child, we help and we do it. The job of the educator is to accompany him, even if he can not make a game, it does not matter. It is stored as it is there then the next day or two days later, it takes again and the child at a time, will do alone and get there.