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What do babies perceive the first months of their lives?

What do babies perceive the first months of their lives?

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After coming into the world, your baby will live a real revolution of its senses. He is suddenly surrounded by new sensations, new images and new sounds. It is by stimulating your senses that you will help your child to know his new environment.


  • The sight of a newborn is its least developed sense : its visual acuity is only 4% of that of an adult and your baby sees only the living objects, located about twenty centimeters from him. He perceives the new world that surrounds it in a fuzzy way. This is why it is the simple and strongly contrasted motifs that make him react. Likewise, he is particularly fascinated by moving faces.
  • If you show him a toy, move it slowly in front of him. And change the characters of his mobile from time to time: he will notice the change right away.


  • Unlike the sight, the hearing of your baby is already well developed at birth. During the last trimester of pregnancy, she gradually improved: it already perceived in your belly the surrounding noises, and especially the voice of her mother. That's why, from birth, this voice is familiar to him and gives him a sense of security.
  • To stimulate the hearing of your baby, shake a rattle near him or simply pronounce his name by varying the intonations.

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