What do you know about pregnancy ultrasounds?

What do you know about pregnancy ultrasounds?

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Positive! The test confirmed it, you are pregnant! Before having the pleasure of shaking your baby against you, you can not wait to "meet him" during your first ultrasound. In order to know if this examination of follow-up of your pregnancy has no secret for you, take our quiz.

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An ultrasound always confirms an early pregnancy

That's right. It's wrong.


For the ultrasound examination to confirm with certainty a beginning of pregnancy, there must be a delay in menstruation of at least 7 days, ie at least 5 weeks of amenorrhea (absence of menses). Most often, the urine or blood pregnancy test makes it possible to detect a pregnancy before the ultrasound. Then, the ultrasound will date the time of conception to determine the date of your delivery.



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