What do his drawings mean?

What do his drawings mean?

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Throughout their childhood, the drawings of toddlers are witnesses of their development. Choice of colors and shapes, attention to detail, nothing or almost nothing is left to chance. Georges Cognet *, a clinical psychologist, played the game of analysis with the drawings of five budding artists!

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What do his drawings mean? (5 photos)

Timothy, 3 years

Timothée drew tadpoles, typical at this age. They give us indications of his self-awareness: the circles are well closed, he knows he is a full individualbut he is also aware that a relationship with others is possible because his fellows touch each other. One and the same shape represents both the body and the head, which is normal at 3 years old.

There are still questions about the representation of his body diagram. Moreover, for the character on the right, we can see it well: he tied his arms to the legs, probably because the circle he drew did not have to be enough to represent both the head and the body.

Garance, 5 years old

Puffy sleeves, fantasies in the hair, a beautiful dress, pink. There is no doubt, Garance drew a beautiful princess. Chances are it's really. Her princess is tall, certainly as she sees herself. The heart on the dress overindicates all the love of which it is capable and which emanates from her. We can see a link with the Oedipus complex who intervenes at this age ... Another detail which marks a good level of development: she drew a nose in profile. The drawing of "profile" usually occurs around 7 or 8 years old.

Louis, 6 years old

The man of Louis is central and occupies all the space. There is a lot of control, it does not overflow and the features are precise. But there is also a big smile that contrasts with the stiffness of the drawing and which denotes a real joy of life.

We also notice the way he dressed his character: he took care to raise the neck to the top and all parts of his body are covered. It is related to the feeling of modesty that emerges at this age.

Léa, 7 years old

Lea did not only draw Rapunzel, she put him in a situation. It's typical of this age. This princess certainly represents her. Besides, she took care to write the two names side by side. It is safe to say that she identifies with this character. Note also the care taken to draw hair and ribbons. A real drawing of a little girl!

Hugo, 8 years and a half

Hugo has made a beautiful profile drawing, an evolution expected at this age. His character is well on his feet and there is an impression of movement. At this age, children no longer identify with their parents or heroes, they find models in real life, with their friends ... His man shows no doubt how he projects in the future. We also note that we are no longer in a concern for modesty, his neck and arms are bare.