Rata for gourmands (Albert)

Rata for gourmands (Albert)

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Here's an easy recipe, cheap and that kids love!


  • Margarine, 1 onion, potatoes, 1 can of white beans with tomato and corned beef, 3 fresh sausages, flour, water and a small can of tomato paste.


brown some margarine. - brown the saussices then remove them - brown the onion cut into slices - put the sausages - add the peeled and cut potatoes - when the potatoes are almost cooked, add the white beans to the tomato - put a little tomato paste, then make a roux (mix some water with flour) to thicken the sauce a bit - cut the corned beef into slices on a plate and it's ready. You have more than crush everything for your child from 1 year. Enjoy your meal !