Milk ray, we do not find it anymore?

Milk ray, we do not find it anymore?

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Do you want to give your child the best in nutrition? We offer every day a tip from the third issue of the collection "The Essentials of: 65 ideas to feed his family," sold with. Today, our advice for 5-12 months.

  • It's where the milk away from babies over 6 months, the one you give to your first child or whose girlfriends have spoken? There you read "from 4-5 months" on the box. You have not dreamed, there is something new! In fact, there would be almost no difference between the first-milk and the after-milk, because the manufacturers have reduced the protein content of the milk.

A little more in the bib '

  • You must have heard everything on flours and cereals to put or not to put in the milk of babies, just to stall them a little. It's too rich, too thick, you have to choose the right formula ... In short, it's complicated. Here again, there is something new and if yesterday we recommended gluten-free cereals for cabbage, we are now asking to introduce the gluten-free version between the 4th and the 7th month.
  • The goal is to accustom your child to this nutrient at the right moment of its growth, which makes a pretty small window of fire! But do not panic, you're not within a fortnight and if you let the boat go, it's still not too late afterwards.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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