Recipes around ham

Recipes around ham

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The ham ... it is always recipe with young gourmands! Small fluted ham-Beaufort, brioches and clafoutis salty surprise, ham mousse peas for baby ... make him discover pretty recipes and full of flavors.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

Recipes around ham (9 pics)

Fluted ham-Beaufort

Cannelés, you know them sweet ... try them salted with this original and delicious recipe that will delight your young gourmand. Think of it with your guests as well! See the recipe

Surprise buns (from 15 months)

Delicious buns salty version to enjoy from 15 months. They hide ham, gruyere ... yum! See the recipe

Clafoutis tomatoes cherry-ham (from 9 months)

Diced ham, cherry tomatoes, a little parmesan ... and here's a salty clafoutis for your young gourmet! To be enjoyed from 9 months. See the recipe

Pea mousse with ham (from 6 months)

White ham is good for your baby because it is rich in good quality protein. In this recipe, he gets married to peas. See the recipe

Artichoke background au gratin with ham (from 1 year)

Its sweet taste is appreciated by babies. Let him discover this recipe from 1 year. See the recipe

Ham rolls (from 1 year)

With their little sprigs of chives, here is a fresh recipe to offer him from 1 year. See the recipe

Ham with banana (from 1 year)

An original sweet and savory recipe to enjoy from 1 year. See the recipe

Ham and cheese rolls (from 16 months)

How to make him happy? With this delicious recipe, you have everything good. From 16 months. See the recipe

Rolls with ham (from 10 months)

A delicious recipe that is eaten with your fingers ... From 10 months. the little gourmands will feast and the big ones too. See the recipe