Easter recipes: the lamb in celebration

Easter recipes: the lamb in celebration

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Lamb is the star meat of Easter menus! Discover our recipes for young and old and enjoy the family. Recipe ideas that announce spring ...

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Did you know ?

Centerpiece of the paschal meal, the lamb is the oldest of all Easter symbols. The best shared also since it is also sacrificed and tasted by the Muslims at the time of Eid-el-Kebir, about forty days after the end of Ramadan. For the Jews, it symbolizes the sacrificed lamb just before the passage of the Red Sea by families fleeing Egypt under the leadership of Moses. Sharing a lamb on Easter Day is one of the most vivid customs of the Christian world. Among Christians, the lamb is one of the representations of Christ (like the dove or the fish). It symbolizes obedience, gentleness, but also the innocent victim.

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