Spring recipes for little chefs

Spring recipes for little chefs

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What if your children went to the kitchen to celebrate spring? Funny appetizer vegetables, seasonal strawberry recipes, fresh verrines or wraps to devour ... our recipe ideas for kids.

Funny aperitif vegetables

Make and nibble ladybugs, mice and flowers ... the idea should please your young greedy. A recipe for 4 hands in video.

Spring Rolls

Here is a recipe that rolls in the spring! A nice season idea to do with four hands with your apprentice cook.

Salmon wraps

What if today you made mini salmon wraps with your apprentice cook? We give you the recipe on video ...

Disguised tomatoes

Love the tomato, a breeze with these funny ideas! Disguised as a ladybug, a caterpillar, a hedgehog or a mushroom ... the tomato should please her!

Cheese cake with strawberry

In this video, Juliette teaches your budding cooks how to make a strawberry cheesecake recipe. It's simple and funny!

Strawberry lollipops

Realize as a chef his strawberry lollipops, that's enough to entertain and delight your gourmand. It's easy to do with this video recipe.

Strawberry Charlotte

This charlotte hides strawberries ... but also all the talent of your little cook who will be able to realize this recipe of the chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand.

Cucumber salad

Love the cucumber? Successful bet with this original recipe of vitamin salad that celebrates the return of spring. To achieve with your little gourmands.

Strawberry sorbet

Make a homemade strawberry sorbet, it's not so magical. A recipe idea to share with your apprentice cooks who will be delighted to participate.

Tomato-goat verrine

An easy and fresh seasonal recipe that your apprentice cook will love to do with you. These tomato-goat verrines are a real treat.

Avocado ham wraps

A quick and easy entry for a birthday buffet, an aperitif or a picnic, this recipe ham-avocado wraps will seduce them.

Butterfly cake

This cake with yogurt and Nutella will carry your greedy! An easy recipe to make by and for kids. We watch the video.