Sweet recipes for little cooks

Sweet recipes for little cooks

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Cupcakes, Lilliputian pies, financial Shrek, yogurt cake, chocolate fondue ... what if today you cook with your children? Here are our top chef ideas for fun and feasting!

Cooking, kids love it! Put your hand in the dough and help you ... a fun and fun activity to share. Cakes, cakes, cocktails, sherbet ... we have concocted ideas of sweet recipes to make 4 hands with your apprentice cooks!

Our sweet recipes ideas

The strawberry heart pie

Surprise apples

Yogurt cake

Disguised cakes

Chocolate chip cake

Fruit milkshake

Financial Shrek

Lilliputian pies

Biscuits with anise

Chocolate fondue


Caramel cream

Fruit jellies



Festive log

Homemade porridge

Liège chocolate


Party cocktail

Magic potion

Melon sorbet

Mousse delight

Autumn skewers

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