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Recognize the verb in the sentence

Recognize the verb in the sentence

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Now that he knows how to read, your schoolboy will tackle the construction of sentences. First by observing. Conduct the investigation with him: where is the verb? Find out how this learning is done in the classroom and how to help it after school.

  • From the CE2, your child goes into what programs call "the study of language", our good old grammar. It is a study approach that allows him to understand the construction of sentences and, from there, the codes of writing. This work starts with the search for the verb, pivot of the sentence.

When does it start?

  • Since entering CP, your child juggles with verbs. But it's at CE2 he will learn to identify them as such in the sentence, looking for the elements that modify it (person, number, time ...). Throughout the year of CE2, he assimilates the identification criteria by handling the language regularly.
  • In CM1 and CM2these criteria are refined and become more complex. The most frequent verbs are studied in priority, the more rare forms will be seen in college.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Official programs indicate a minimum hour of 2 h 30 and one maximum of 3 h 30 per week. But, of course, it is the teacher who will punctuate these learnings based on the concepts discussed and the difficulties encountered by the students.
  • Moreover, these notions are reviewed as soon as the opportunity arises in situations encountered in the texts studied, during the readings followed, etc.

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