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Back to CM1: the class of almost big

Back to CM1: the class of almost big

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Throughout the year of CM1, a demanding program awaits your schoolboy who will have to learn to work alone more often. This is good, he is at an age where he is sociable and well disposed! Here's how to accompany it.

CM1: place to address and patience

  • Around 9 years old, the evolution of the neuromuscular system allows your child to have more and more precise gestures, to play games of skill, to be calmer, to start again until he is satisfied with the result.
  • An excellent asset for the school! Mostly this year of CM1 where new and more demanding tasks await him : division in maths, the expression written in French (we leave the schema question-answer to produce something yourself).

Of humor

  • This time, your child manages to handle the humor and to receive it without getting offended or falling apart! He also accepts more easily to submit to the rules of the game and even to lose without being a tragedy.

How to accompany it?

  • Take full advantage of this year of CM1, during which your child will be a pleasant little companion: he only asks to chat with you, joke, and bring you good grades to see you proud of him!
  • If you are fond of strategy games (checkers, chess, etc.), train your child with you. Anything that develops its abstraction abilities is welcome.

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