Back to school: nursery, nanny ... I master

Back to school: nursery, nanny ... I master

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It's back! You will go back to work and your toddler will be kept. Maternal assistant, nursery: all our tracks to stay zen.

In the morning, he cries ... and suddenly, you too!

A few days ago you leave him at the nursery and, inevitably, your toddler cries when you leave him. If the staff tells you that their tears stop very quickly afterwards, do not worry.

It will pass ?

Her maternal assistant terrorizes you

His maternal assistant is terrorizing you ... Well, we will have to agree, which means, as in a couple, find a way of working that suits both.

Nanny user manual.

He returns to the nursery

At the nursery, we adapt. And the adaptation will last a whole week. If we say "we", it's because this time is dedicated to both parents and children.

Zoom on the nursery.

He loves his nanny more than you ... blah!

So here is the tile! Joking aside, remember that mom is you and no one else can take that place in her heart.

Who's his mom?

The nursery user manual

Enjoy the week of adaptation to ask all the questions that come to you. In the evening, if one of them crosses your mind, do not hesitate to note it on a small notebook.

What there is to know.

At the nanny, it's very clean, but is it enough?

To obtain the approval issued by the PMI (Maternal Infant Protection), approved childminders must meet a number of criteria: adapted housing, secure ...

Approval, education: the point.

He has trouble with his new nanny

A new nanny, new life ... that necessarily requires and always a little time of adaptation. And even more, if you and your child love his former maternal assistant.

How to help?

Shared custody is a panacea ...

This can be provided you get along with the parents of the little co-guarded (without having the intention to make friends), to choose them close to your home, to cut short any criticism ...

Shared custody: our advice.