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Back in 6th: the big jump

Back in 6th: the big jump

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After the CP, this is another big step that awaits your schoolboy: the college. If this return to the 6th is worrying for your child and for you, it will allow him to access more autonomy. Our advice to accompany him to the best.

  • It must be recognized that the entry into the 6th is undoubtedly the return most "messy" of schooling. Your child goes from days when he had his class and his mistress to a much more complex universe: you have to change room and teacher every hour. Everything is multiplied, worries too!

The call of teens

  • In middle school, he is confronted by 13- and 14-year-olds who are already in their teens. No wonder he starts asking for prerogatives that are not his age. From where some conflicts ... and contradictions, because to send you to walk does not prevent it, a few minutes later, to ask you for a hug as if it were become again very small!

6th: how to accompany it?

  • The day of this return to 6th, it will be a little intimidated ... suggest that he come with him to the gate (or the corner of the street, discreetly!).
  • Do not enter a balance of power. Even if he has tended to be unpleasant, do not close his arms in the mode: "Since you're so smart, get by!" He needs to regress sometimes and return to the security base that you represent .
  • If the first notes are a little disappointing, do not panic. Everything is not played the first month! It only takes a little time to find his marks. He can not do without your trust.

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