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Rhino-pharyngitis? It is unavoidable!

Rhino-pharyngitis? It is unavoidable!

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The leading cause of consultation in 6 months-8 years, rhino-pharyngitis is an unavoidable disease early childhood that heals spontaneously in the vast majority of cases. The point with Dr. Martine François, ENT.

The rhino? Inflammation of the vegetations

  • An ugly virus comes to ignite the vegetations. This crossroads area, located between the nose and the throat, occupies almost all the nasopharynx. And who says inflamed vegetations, says secretions of phlegm. Your child is thus clogged by thick mucus that it is difficult to evacuate by blowing: they tend to stagnate at the entrance of the throat. But good news, the vegetations are a temporary organ: they appear around 1 year, develop until 6-7 years, before atrophy and disappear. That's why beyond this age, rhinos are much less common.

Rhino: very often in toddlers in the community

  • Promiscuity favoring the exchange of germs, the "rhino" is repeated especially among toddlers being kept in community. This phenomenon is also found in children living in a large family, or going to a childminder who keeps many children. Nobody escapes the rhino!

Rhino-pharyngitis is unavoidable

  • The baby benefits from maternal antibodies for up to 6 months. Beyond this age, he will have to develop his own defenses. Rhino is "a necessary evil" for the acquisition of its natural immunity.
  • Specialists agree that a child will experience an average of sixty episodes of "rhino" until he is ten years old. Better to take his trouble in patience!

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