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Cold: when it goes on!

Cold: when it goes on!

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It's crazy, this cold that does not happen! No wonder, this viral episode lasts an average of three weeks. As a child is continuously exposed to different viruses in the community, so it can chain colds!

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He sniffs constantly, hardly falling asleep and takes no pleasure in eating.
  • You. It has a small shape and it bothers you.


He ends up coughing

  • This cough is usually triggered by congestion in the back of the throat. This phenomenon is normal and even necessary to allow clearance of the respiratory tract. But the mucus annoys your child to the point of cutting off his appetite and even, sometimes, to make him vomit after a coughing fit.

What has to be done

  • Doctors no longer deliver expectorant syrup or antitussive syrup and the only solution is to blow your child several times a day with saline.
  • Remember to clean the air by ventilating at least twice a day, by not exposing it to cigarette smoke, avoiding walks in very cold weather, humidifying the air in the room if you have a heater electric.
  • You can also elevate it in bed by sliding a pillow between the mattress and the mattress. And if the cough is set up, your child "snores" while breathing or when the fifths are very close together, check for any asthma or bronchiolitis.

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