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Bleeding nose, what do I do?

Bleeding nose, what do I do?

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Frequent in children, nose bleeds (epistaxis) are almost always benign. It is a bit awkward when it repeats itself regularly, but rarely alarming. Fragile mucous, cold, small object embedded in the nostril ... our specialist explains the right things to do.

The problem

  • Whether it's hot or cold, calm or restless, in the middle of the night or in the supermarket, your child will bleed from the nose without anything to let you anticipate.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. These little drops of blood that bead out of his nose, he does not seem to find that very normal and worries.
  • You. When your child wakes up in the middle of the night with a big red patch on the pillow, you must remember not to call the fire department.

It bleeds from the nose because its mucous membranes are fragile

  • In each nostril, about one centimeter from the entrance to the nose, there is an area of ​​the mucosa, the vascular spot. This is composed of very many small vessels that tend to break more easily in some children because their mucosa is fragile.

What has to be done :

  • When he starts to bleed, pinch his nose just below the bone, making sure that he keeps his head slightly bent forward. This pressure should last at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Reassure because the sight of blood is always impressive.
  • If bleeding lasts, introduce into the nostril that bleeds cotton or a haemostatic compress (Coalgan, Bloxang ...).
  • Other solution, ask the pediatrician to prescribe a tanning cream to your child (HEC ointment), which strengthens the mucous membrane.

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