Name Jacky - Meaning and origin

Name Jacky - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Jacky originates from the name "Ya'aqov" inspired by the Hebrew "aqev" meaning "heel". Its meaning can therefore be "triumph over" or "replace".


French footballers Jacky Duguépéroux, Jacky Nardin and Jacky Simon, French motocross rider Jacky Vimond, French jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson and Jacky host Jacques Dorubée, his real name Jacques Jakubowicz.

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Saint James the Minor and Saint James the Greater have both been apostles of Christ. Saint James the Greater was one of Jesus' closest disciples. He is the patron saint of veterinarians, riders and pharmacists. James the Minor is, meanwhile, the first bishop of Jerusalem according to Eusebius of Caesarea.

His character :

Jacky is naturally charming and seductive ... from an early age. He is very attentive to what is going on around him and his friends will often ask him for advice because he knows how to be wise. He is also a very independent person who likes being allowed to do what he wants ...


Jack, Jacki, Jackie, Giacomina, Giacomino, Giacomo, Iago, Jacot, Jemmy, Jim, Jimmy, James, Jacquot, Jak, James, Jamie, Tiago.

His party :

The Jacky are celebrated on May 3rd or July 25th.

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