Your child 1-3 years

His first dishes

His first dishes

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That's it, your child eats like a big one or almost. The opportunity to offer him his own dishes, to perfect his learning. Our selection of plates, cutlery, bowl and other bibs to eat like a chef!

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Tips +

• Dishware preferably without bisphenol A. As for bib's, preferably choose BPA-free dishes, especially if you have to warm the plate in the microwave.

• Fun and practical dishes. So that the meal takes place in a good mood, place the colors or the favorite patterns of your big baby! But opt ​​for a dishwasher-proof crockery! And do not forget the bib, very big, to protect his clothes. This will help him to eat like a big one.

• Ergonomics at the time of baby meals

- A slightly inclined plate with rim promotes the capture of food. Check its stability: it will for example be equipped with a suction cup that adheres to the table.
- The cutlery with wide and curved handle are suitable for small hands. In soft material, like silicone, their contact is pleasant. Practical, if they are heat sensitive, they indicate too much heat!
- Your child is now drinking alone, but is still turning the kitchen into a pool? To you the unbreakable cups with rigid beak and antifuite.

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