Save who can pack ice

Save who can pack ice

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In this game, the little penguins will have to join the pack ice ... but beware, this one melts, bottom ... Too funny!

A game from 2 years

  • Arrange a large white sheet on the lawn that represents the pack ice.
  • The children are the little penguins and have to join this piece of ice.
  • At first, it's easy, there is room for everyone! Then the penguins leave the pack ice and go for a walk.
  • Meanwhile, melt the ice floe by folding the sheet in half.
  • The little penguins will have to tighten to go up. Now they have to go down to get some fish ...
  • On their return, the pack ice melted again, and so on.
  • Who will be the winning penguin? Whoever has taken the last place on the ice floe!