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Sun care: decode the label

Sun care: decode the label

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Of course, in your suitcase, there is no question of forgetting the sun care. Yes, but which one? What do the terms "SPF", "better water resistance", "hypoallergenic", "pediatric tested" ... mean? Zoom on the labels to buy the voucher!

SPF (Sunburn Protection Factor in English) or SPF (sun protection factor)

  • It is a value scale for measuring protection time against sunburn. The larger the number, the higher the protection. For children, opt for the 50 +.

Resists water better

  • This precision means that the composition of the sun care has been improved so that it adheres more to the skin when swimming. This does not relieve the usual cautionary measures: applying the sun product every two hours, wearing a t-shirt, glasses and hat for children, while avoiding exposure between 11 and 16 hours.


  • The solar product has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. This mention is not mandatory and has not been validated by an external inspection body.


  • This mention indicates that the manufacturer respects the European recommendations. According to these, it must offer a level of protection against UVA corresponding to one third of the SPF, which is considered as an optimal level of protection.

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