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Sun: protect your eyes

Sun: protect your eyes

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The sun shines, shines ... Watch out for your toddler's eyes! Very fragile, they actually need to be protected behind a good pair of glasses. The advice of Dr. Sylvie Berthemy-Pellet, ophthalmologist.

Your child's eyes are fragile and defenseless against the sun. It is the ultraviolet rays A and B, invisible to the naked eye, that are dangerous for health. To preserve his sight, it is therefore imperative to protect his eyes from an early age.

More fragile eyes

  • During the first years of your child, its lens, a sort of lens of the eye, lets in three-quarters of the ultraviolet. It is only from the age of 12 that it enjoys natural protection : the lens has become cloudy over the years (this phenomenon is accentuated by UV).
  • The blinking of the eyes in the small child is not quite operational. The reflex of half closing the eyelids facing the sun is not perfectly acquired. It can even support dazzling lights without moving an eyelash, while adults in the same situation are extremely embarrassed.
  • Too much exposure to the sun without protection, after a few days, a child's eyes are red and watery. The toddler rubs his eyes, no longer supports the light. It is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist.

UV, watch out for his eyes!

  • The impact of the sun on earth is related to the seasons. Sbe vigilant from April to September and especially between June and July when the intensity of ultraviolet is the most intense.
  • During the day, it is between 11 and 15 hours that UV rays are particularly formidable. Do not rely on clouds that can skew the risk assessment. The absence of direct solar radiation does not mean the disappearance of UVB radiation.

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