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Baby sleep: how to help him find his rhythm

Baby sleep: how to help him find his rhythm

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After birth, your toddler needs time to get used to his new environment. But patience, he will soon recognize the benefits of a steady pace and will, in principle, make his nights. Phew!

  • From 0 to 1 month, your baby's sleep is a bit special: nothing to do with that of a larger child or the adult. The cycles are short (50 to 60 minutes) and have only two phases: first restless sleep (half), then calm sleep (for the other half).
  • In general, it goes three to four cycles, that is why he sleeps in beaches of three to four hours spread over the course of the 24 hours, without worrying in the least about the alternation of days and nights. But why does he wake up at this pace? Not only because he is hungry, but because he obeys an internal clock, genetically programmed.

Organization objective

  • Once the first month, it's time for sleep to get organized. The cycles lengthen, going to 70 minutes, then to 90 minutes to 3 years. The restless sleep becomes true paradoxical sleep, comparable to that of the adult. Calm sleep is transformed into a slow slow sleep and a deep slow sleep.
  • As the weeks go by, your baby goes on more and more cycles and sleeps 6 to 8 hours. And most often, around 4 months, he ends up adopting the rhythm of family life, that is to say, to sleep at night rather than during the day. At this age too, he stops falling asleep directly in REM sleep, but begins his cycle with slow sleep.

The need for sleep is very personal

  • Some newborns can sleep up to twenty hours while for others, fourteen hours will suffice. Until the end of the sixth month, your baby's need for sleep decreases by about an hour, then again by half an hour at the end of his first year.
  • A child who makes his nights at 3 months does not sleep right away eight hours, but about five or six hours in a row.

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