Sleep: authorized proximity

Sleep: authorized proximity

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  • Your newborn is fragile and not necessarily able to get out of a dangerous situation that could occur during his sleep, such as regurgitation, difficulty breathing because of a small stuffy nose. Keeping it near you in your room during its first weeks of life is therefore a guarantee of safety. He will not see any objection! Feeling your presence close to him, hearing your breath, breathing your scent will help him to sleep with confidence.

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  • Around 4 to 6 months, the time has come to install it in your own room, at least in a room other than yours. Get used to it first during the naps, less distressing than the night. At this stage, your baby needs solitude to find his sleep autonomy. He will begin to experience multiple awakenings in the second part of the night: no need that you are tempted to intervene by seeing him with wide eyes, looking for his thumb or his blanket.
  • Your toddler will do much better alone and go back to sleep all the more easily as you will not put your grain of salt. If you help him go back to sleep between cycles, you put your finger in a dangerous gear: he will not be able to do without you to sleep again and will call you several times a night.

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