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His plate, for a full defense

His plate, for a full defense

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Fruits, vegetables, omega 3 and milk ... major assets to put in your toddler's diet to help him cope or overcome the diseases of winter!

  • To give a little help to the stammering immunity of your child, take care of his diet. What to put in its plate to concretize its antimicrobe barriers?
  • Fruits, vegetables and raw vegetables for their vitamins: they help eliminate the waste produced during the fight against infections and repair all the immune material so that it is ready for the following attacks.
  • Also bet on omega 3, especially present in oily fish such as salmon or sardines: they give flexibility to the cell membranes and allow especially white blood cells, responsible for destroying the germs by absorbing them and cutting them into small pieces, to better fulfill their mission .

No deadlock on milk

  • What to think of rumors - we use this word on purpose! - on the pretext that milk is the cause of repeated ORL infections? Give them no faith, they are not based on any serious scientific study.
  • So depriving your little one of milk would not reduce his rhino, and worse, it would have the effect of lowering his immune defenses. Because, in addition to the calcium that is its main interest, milk also contains a lot of zinc: it has been proven that a zinc deficiency in the diet goes hand in hand with a greater sensitivity to viruses and bacteria. A word to you ...

Isabelle Gravillon